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  A Malaysian American Business Networking Group in the USA  
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 Why Join Us?

  • We serve as a forum for business networking and exchanging of views between members.
  • We alert members of new opportunities to grow their businesses 
  • We provide members the latest news and developments that impact members’ businesses through our newsletter
  • We serve as a resource center for members to connect, to learn, and to market products and services in the United States. 
  • We support, promote and foster commercial and cultural ties between Malaysian and American businesses and organizations operating in the United States.
  • We provide a forum for members to express their views on trade and investment issues to Malaysian and American government representatives at state and federal levels.

Level 1 (Individual Professional Member) 365 days 100.00 $
Level 2 (Single Person-Managed Co.) 365 days 150.00 $
Level 3 (2-20 Employees - 1 representative) 365 days 250.00 $
Level 4 (21-50 Employees - 2 representatives) 365 days 350.00 $
Level 5 (More than 50 Employees - 3 representatives) 365 days 600.00 $
Level 6 (University students under 25) 365 days 50.00 $